Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute

Tan Lifen--Excellent Embroidery Teacher of Baisha Jinxiu Art Academy

Issuing time:2022-06-17 11:13

Tan Lifen ,Han people,born in a small town Ludian of Lijiang,a very important teacher of rural vitalization,the pioneer of Yulong county of Lijiang .Now, she is the senior embroidery teacher of Baisha hand-made embroidery institute.She is diligent ,friendly,confident,open hearted .She is good at studing.


The main representative works are 《Bai Sisters》,、Deep sisterhood》、《Three strings》、《Flying dreams》、《Eternal youth》、《Home rhyme》、《Prosperous homeland》.


Teaching deeds: In order to effectively implement the strategy of rural revitalization and strengthen the concept of self -confidence in rural women's culture, the concept of embroidery culture from poverty alleviation, as in previous years, the Baisha Jinxiu Art Academy sent an excellent Naxi embroidery teacher Tan Lifen (from Rudian Township, Yulong County) to Jiangjiang, Yulong CountyProfessor of Wancai Village Professor Local Naxi women's embroidery skills and compiled moving pictures and touching stories.