Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute

Bao HaiLu--Excellent Embroider of Baisha Jinxiu Art Academy

Issuing time:2022-06-22 15:00

Bao Hailu,Naxi people, come from a small Naxi village qiao tou,born in1994,his birth is a big surprise for the family .His parents are so happy to give him a special name Bao Hailu,“Hai"means sea,Wish he could be generous and tolerate ,“lu "means road, wish his life could be smoothly in the future .He was a lovely and healthy baby ,but life is not always like what we wish.He couldn't stand up at 3 years old .His parents were so worried ,took him to many hospitals to see the doctors but there was no any   results.Some aged people in the village said maybe he was delayed by demons .Many Shaman(Naxi priest) went to help him to send demons back, but it also did not work.Anyhow his parents never gave up,.Tried to encourage and help him to stand up and walk little by little .After 9 years practice he could walk with walking sticks slowly.

He was 12 years old at that time, his parents found the hope finally.They were so happy and excited.

He attended a school for the disabled where is 400 kilograms far away from his hometown.So he need to live at school ,he stayed at school about two years and then had to give up education because he could not live alone with his uncomfortable legs .

After he went back home,he didn't want to take a rest ,so he learned some basic Living skills like cleaning and cooking at home.By the way he was waiting for another chance.He found the second chance in 2015 where Baisha embroidery insititute could teach local women the embroidery skills freely .He knew his life will be different .He was not so confident and happy at the begining ,but after some days learning at school .He made many new female friends ,his   embroidery works has been appreciated and collected by friends from home   and abroad,he was so happy and stasfied .

Now Bao Hailu is the only one male   embroidery   teacher at school.He said:· “I could not walk conveniently like other men,but I could create my happy life by two hands.I will try my best to become the only one male embroidery master in Lijiang."