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We Will Enjoy Them For Any Years.

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Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2013 13:00:34 +0800

Hello, Cynthia.R.Brown

I am JackChenzhi, the Principal Assistant of the Baisha Naxi Hand Made  Embroidery Institute, I was told by the China Post that you already  received your art which made by our master, in order to make a double  check, is that true? Was it in good condition?

All the best wishes to you and your family/

Jack Chenzhi

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主题: RE: hello
Dear Jack, Thank you for the inquiry. Yes, we received the 2 lovely pieces we purchased from your facility and we are very pleased. Thank you and we will enjoy them for any years.

Sincerely, Mrs. Brown

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 10:53:32 +0800
Subject: RE: hello

Hello, Mrs Brown.

We are very happy to know that you already received your arts which made  by our hands, thank you very much for your collecting, hope they will bring  you a lot of happiness and good fortune. By the way, my principal let me let  you know that the embroidery art Chairman Mao still hanging in our institute, if you and your family still like to collect it , if possible please let him know, he will give you the best friend price, thank you.

All the best wishes to you and your family/

Jack Chenzhi

Good morning,,

Thank you for the information regarding the embroidery art of Chairman  Mao.  Although the piece is most attractive we have decided not to pursue  this purchase. We thank you sincerely for the update.

Sincerely Mr. & Mrs. Brown