Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute

HeJiancai-Embroidery teacher of Baisha Splendid Art Academy, backbone teacher of embroidery training

Issuing time:2022-06-23 11:51

He Jiancai, Naxi, was born in the village of Lijiang Tatsui in 1973. He is an embroidered teacher of Baisha Jinxiu Art Academy.He was born in a small village between Lijiang and Shangri -La, graduated from elementary school.Since childhood, he likes needle lines and is good at picking flowers and folk embroidery in the Naxi, Tibetan people and other ethnic groups.Later, the Women's Federation and relevant units were recommended to learn art embroidery techniques to learn artistic embroidery in Baisha Jinxiu Art Academy.

Later, stayed as an embroidered teacher.Assisting the arts academy to teach different rural residents such as Jiangwang and Jiu'an.Honorly was awarded the honorary title of the "Women's Formation Model" by the Yulong County Women's Federation.