Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute

Naxi Traditional Music Performance


Naxi Traditional Music Performance

For making people who really could have a wonderful experience of Naxi traditional music.The institute specially organised the local Naxi aged musician to arrange a   Naxi Traditional Music Performance avilable.


With a small population of 350000,Naxi is one of the 56 Nationalities of China which has a long history and spectacular civilization.The well known   Naxi ancient Orchestra music is one of the important part of Naxi traditional culture.The music originated from   the 14th century according to the study,it is the oldest music and also one of the oldest music in the world,it was considered as" the Living fossil of Music”of the human beings.


The traditional Naxi orchestra music performance are characterized for its three old which refers to the ancient music pieces, the antique music instruments and the old musician.