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                                                     The Coments from famous arts critics

You deserve our respect for hauling dedicated yourself so to the cause of developing Dongba culture. With great stylistic precision your paintings proudly draw on the visual language of the rich Dongba heritage aptly expressing your innermost emotions. In my opinion the unique style, taste and character of your work mainly derives from a well-balanced blend of traditions and individuality.I therefore hope that future your creativity may attain new heights.

Zhang Shiyan(professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts,Beijing,China)

Does’odernization’imply’westernization’? Is’modernity’contradictory to ‘tradition’. Is there a possibility that Chinese paintings progresses towards modernization without loose its unique ethnic flavor? Bothered by all those theoretic questions it is indeed a soothing pleasure to view Zhang Chunhe’s modern Dongba paintings.In his striking work he seems to combine elements straight our of early western Cubism and Fauvism.May the mysterious spirit of Southwest China’s Naxi culture with its intriguing pantheon of Dongba deities be present in all works, where East meets West in ways of unique charm……

Zhang Wenzhong(Hong Kong Art Critic)

Zhang Chunhe’s Dongba Paintings are deeply rooted in the ancient painting and pictographic tradition of Southwest China’s ethnic Naxi.Its archaic forms of style are mainly inspired by Dongba religion. One such example is the hieroglyphs remaining in the hieroglyphic writing system-actually the only living form of hieroglyphs remaining in the world. hang’s work reveals certain romantic teaits characterized by his choice of colors and simple, yet bold, compositions of our human world with the realm of the Dongba gods.The works dynamically articulate the universe,the union of nature and mankind and correspondence of the spiritual with the mystical realm,enable to enunciate the karmic conditioning of life:birth and death,reality and illusion,good and evil…….

LuNiu(Art Critic)

The human aptitude to examine ite own innermost world is a characteristic,prevalent throughout Zhang Chunhe’s work.It is this inquisitive mind which strikes the viewer.We can clearly perceive the strong and pure interaction of forms in his work,resulting primarily from a skillful method of interweaving strucrures with hues,Through his individualistic reshaping of the tradition Naxi pictographs the viewer can sense the painter’s strong,unrestrained free-running spirit and pulsating rhythm of life,a reflection on the age-old mystery of his people’s culture.

Zhang Xu(Chairperson of the Bejing Association of Dongba Culture and Arts)

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