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How to differentiate Naxi handdmade silk embroidery from mashion-made embroidery

Issuing time:2013-09-15 00:00

How to differentiate Naxi handdmade silk embroidery from mashion-made embroidery

  1. Material. Naxi handmade silk embroidery is made with silk threads on silk satin. Silk threads are very delicate. It is very difficult for a machine to use silk threads to make embroidery because silk threads can get broken very easily during embroidering. Machine embroideries normally use artificial fibers or artificial silk threads that are much stronger than natural silk threads.

  2. Size of threads. Machine embroideries use full threads, but a fine quality silk embroidery painting use split silk threads, silk threads split from one full silk strand. To show the embroidery effect well, embroidery artists often use different sizes of silk threads when making one silk embroidery work. For example, the face part of a portrait embroidery is the most exquisite part that often use silk threads much thinner than the ones in other parts. Embroidery done with thinner silk threads is more smooth and has more colors mixed so it will look more realistic. But in a machine-made embroidery, all the threads are in the same size, all threads not split.

  3. Stitches. If you compare two machine embroideries of the same designs, you will find their stitches are the same, the same longth. But handmade silk embroidery is different from each other even if the designs are the same. Due to their nature of being handmade, there are not two handmade silk embroideries that are 100% the same. Also in one machine made embroidery alone, if you check it carefully, you will find that its stitches have a regular pattern.

  4. Colors. The hand embroidery looks more brilliant and the transition of colours are very natural while the machine embroidery looks very and dull. Also when you check the enlarged photos, you will find hand embroidery looks neater while the machine embroidery looks rough.