Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute

MoMeiyan---- Grand Master and the Embroidery Preceptor of the Institute



Mo Meiyan,Zhuang nationality,born in 1967, And Mo Meiyan,

one of the best skilled ethnic embroidery masters in China,the best ethnic embroidery master of Yunnan Province, the embroidery preceptor of Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute.

Mo loved and started embroidery since 8,she used to followed many masters,and had been tutored by quite a few traditional painters and culture scholars.She had exchanged in Suzhou Embroidery Institute, and could easily create her own pattern with sketching.Mo combined the modern with the traditional ethnic style to form her own style.she is mastered in virous motifs such as flowers,portrait,animals and still-life etc.For a long time, she did not want to be reported and famed until recent years by the persuasion of the local government leaders and teachers from Baisha Naxi Embroidery institute.Many of her works won golden and silver awards recent years in the provincial exhibitions and competitions.

"to embroidery with deep love and patience","to embroidery with understanding, imagination and spirit but not fame and self-centred." "Many people collected my embroidery works is not for my fame but for my love and motive"."We need to study and maintain the traditional embroidery and it's culture with real action but not boast". "Maters did not want to teach more people, but we really need to encourage and teach more, or not it will be lost. My happiness is all people get interest and culture be maintained.""One coulee not succeed with out 10 years hard embroidering and creation......"

These are what she usually repeated to her students.

Mo is very kind,modest and creative.Her life is very simple and regular.Many of her works were all specially commetioned by art collectors from home and abroad.


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